Rainwater Harvesting

Water is essential for life. All living things rely on it and are made up of it. 60% of the human body is composed of water, and it is crucial that we replenish our supply several times a day. With water covering 71% of the Earth's surface, one would think everyone should have easy access to water, but it is unevenly distributed.

Source of water has been ground water across the country. Per capita availability of water is reducing day by day on account of rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth. We must control wastage of water and conserve in every possible way.


We help individuals and institutions in conserving rainwater. We also facilitate Corporates to undertake rainwater conservation initiatives under CSR.   

Rain Water Harvesting is simple, cost effective and can resolve our water crisis to great extent if implemented & maintained properly.  It can be easily retrofitted on existing buildings.


Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Advanced Membrane Products by QUA

QUA® is an innovator of advanced membrane technologies that address the most demanding water challenges. Headquartered in the USA, QUA’s products enable its OEM partners to provide cutting-edge solutions to end users in industrial and infrastructure markets worldwide. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes FEDI®  (fractional electrodeionization), Q-SEP® (hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes).

QUA's filtration products help you:

  • improve your plant’s design economics and reliability
  • reduce fouling
  • simplify cleaning
  • lower the total installed cost
  • reduce the footprint of overall wastewater treatment.

Committed to ongoing innovation, QUA manages the entire lifecycle and manufacturing chain of its products from the initial concept to manufacturing according to the most rigorous quality standards. QUA products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing facility with continuous online monitoring to maintain consistent quality. QUA products are sold and serviced through a global network of qualified equipment manufacturers.

Master Distributor of Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps for Domestic Building Services   

Uniquo is an Authorised Master Distributor for Domestic Range of Grundfos Pumps. Grundfos is a world leading manufacturer of pumps for use in and around the home. Pumps that make everyday life better and easier.



Comfort and convenience

Modern people require reliable water supply, perfect heating regulation and easy wastewater disposal. And rightly so. They ought to be top priorities in any home and in any new build or renovation project. Our intelligent solutions and energy-saving technology already provide comfortable and convenient living conditions for millions of people all over the world - and we would like to make your home a better one, too.


Full domestic pump range

Grundfos domestic pumps are at home in one- and two-family houses, quite literally appearing from cellar to attic. The high-quality range includes solutions for heating, water supply and wastewater.

We provide heating and water on demand and automatic control of the systems. We help you dispose your wastewater efficiently and drain your cellar in case of flooding. We collect your rainwater and water you garden. In areas where water pressure is low or fluctuating, we have systems for efficient pressure boosting and constant water supply.

About Uniquo

Founded in 2013, UNIQUO INFRA strives to provide Quality Products and modernise Building Services without compromising on quality. We are the Master Distributor of Grundfos Pumps for the northern region. We promote and distribute Grundfos' domestic range of pumps.

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21 August 2016

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