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Based in Ahlen in the German region of Westphalia and managed family-owned in the 4th generation, Winkelmannn Building+Industry is one of the three main business units of the Winkelmann Group. The company designs and manufactures products and components of the highest quality with maximum production efficiency at a total of 7 sites in locations including Germany, Turkey, Poland and China. 

Thanks to in-house research and development, collaboration with research institutions and government standardisation bodies as well as the deployment of state-of-the-art production methods, the affiliated companies are among the most innovative in their sector. Our products and solutions for applications in heating, cooling, energy and plant engineering are worldwide known for their efficiency, performance and reliability. 

Expansion Tanks with Replaceable Bladder – NEX Series (PN 10,16,25)

Replaceable Bladder Type Expansion tanks from NEMA, known as the NEX Series, is available with a pressure rating of 10, 16 and 25bar with volume ranging from 25 to 600L. These have a durable epoxy coating. Please refer to the catalogue for more details.

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Founded in 2013, UNIQUO INFRA strives to provide Quality Products and modernise Building Services without compromising on quality. We are the Master Distributor of Grundfos Pumps for the northern region. We promote and distribute Grundfos' domestic range of pumps.

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21 August 2016

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